Joining this Century

I’m a new member of the Settlers’ Grant team here in Kemptville, ON and I have been assigned to create this blog. I think it’s important to acknowledge the online community just as much as our personal interactions at work with our clients. Our market is forever shifting as new generations start looking into building custom homes and I am here to make sure that we keep up with changing technologies and communication forums.

Settlers’ Grant Homes Inc. is a custom home suburb based in Kemptville, ON. The main builder (AKA my boss) is George Pollman who oversees the entire building process from blueprints to closing finishes. If you would like to get in touch with us our phone number is (613)-258-7550 and our main office is located at 39 Garrison Dr but will be relocated as of March 1st 2013.

My name is Kathleen and I am the administrative assistant for Settlers’ Grant Homes Inc. I have always wanted to have a job that involved me in the community and merged my social media interests into something productive. I will be updating this blog just about everyday from here on out and look forward to keeping you informed! I have created this blog as a way to not only document our building processes with the new homes that we will be building; but also, to explain our views and company values, update viewers on our events and to create a more personal connection to potential clients and viewers.

If you would like more information about Settlers’ Grant right this minute, you can visit our following sites:

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